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The hookah hookup knoxville tn wide

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I have antenna no cable box - Tech Support Antenna hook up - Tech Support I have a 55 inch Visio tv I want to hook up a antenna to but the 75 ohm coaxial male jack got broken off during a recent move - Tech Support I have no coax input on my older tv. How do I hook up an antenna?

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DASven May 28, 7: Thanks for the suggestions. If it is a it's apparently the most powerful consumer UHF antenna ever made.

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He directed me to this site. It would be pretty difficult to lower the antenna as the tower it's on is one of the triangular ones.

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  8. It has 3 ten foot sections, the lowest buried a few feet into the ground and a nine foot top section. Right now it's pointed North, but most of the channels she'd want to pick up are towards Knoxville. Anyway, I assume I'd want a preamp, some quad shield RG6 cable, and a cable ground.

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    Is there anything else I should make sure to do?